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Passiefhuis H5

Passiefhuis H5

Passiefhuis H5

Modern, designed in an interesting way house, which offers an amazing space! There is an open living area designed on the ground floor consisting of living room, dining room and kitchen. There are two bedrooms, large bathroom and toilet located in the second wing of the house. The attic may be arranged as an entresol – with additional bedroom with bathroom and opened common room. The second proposal of decor provides use of all the attic space, so one more room could be added.

Lenght 17,12 m
Width 10,34 m
Number of storeys 1,5
Useable area
158 m2 – 163 m2
Height to roof ridge 7,10 m
Eaves height 3,48 m
Slope of the roof 35°
Type of the roof gable
Build-up area 153,39 m2
Cubic volume 865,40 m3
Min. dimensions of a plot 25,12 x 18,34 m