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Architects costs

Architects costs

There can be big differences between architect offices, it sounds logic to choose the cheapest one, but we stand for quality and service. We offer more then architecture, we give our clients advice about costs and more. First it seems you are saving money but later when you build your house you can see the house is going to cost you alot more then calculated. That is the reason why we want to have highest quality in the market.

We are charging 4 or 5 percent of the building costs thats stage 1, we are designing the house and make drawings for the community. In stage 2 we make more detailed drawing that you can use to build the house and aks for a price at the builders. That also cost about 4 percent of the building costs.

BONGERS architects delivers services from design to detailed drawings. We are working with a efficient CAD-program in 3D and later we make the 2D drawings.

Do you have any interest to work with us, let us know!