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Our vision

Bongers Architects is a group of people for whom every project is a challenge and an opportunity to create a brand new, harmonic space. We do know that when we maintain classical proportions and choose appropriate materials we are also able to fill the designed place with a new energy, make it intriguing and attractive. Modern, functional minimalism makes
it possible to create such unique spaces.
This is why we design.

Bongers Architects is not only about the buildings completed in the Netherlands and abroad.
It is not only about the projects of single family houses, office blocks and hotels.
It is about the light, the space, the mass.
The line, the texture, the plane.

We specialize in projects for single family houses – modern, functional and adjusted to the needs of future inhabitants. Regardless of whether we work on a concept of a cozy villa or a luxurious residence our aim is to always create a unique place where original form is harmonically combined with a logical plan and optimal construction solutions.

We draw up investment analyses, conceptions, multi-branch construction and executive projects and we carry out supervisions. We cooperate with our clients from the very beginning –
when the first sketches come into being – until the finishing works are done.
We always balance the books and think about the optimal solutions available to achieve the best results and the highest quality. We use modern technologies
and prepare detailed visualizations of our projects. It makes it easier for the clients to choose what they like and allows us to make changes and introduce individual solutions.